Needless to say, there are many regulations in the food processing industry that are designed to help keep consumers safe. Food manufacturers have discovered that using extrusions are not only an efficient and effective way to keep processes moving, but they have learned that there are a myriad of products that are available using the extrusion process that can help to streamline operations. Here are just a few of those products and how they work for food processing operations:

  • Thin films can be used in food processing. During the food manufacturing process, there may be areas on the line that need to have clear guards to protect the materials as well as the workers. Polycarbonate sheeting, created using the plastic extrusion process, can be used as a way to develop these barriers. It is impact resistant and has seen wide usage as a window glazing or a machine guard.
  • Extrusions can be used to replace hazardous glass. All forms of glass are heavily regulated near the food processing line as shards can be lethal to consumers. One way to eliminate glass is to replace it with acrylic sheeting which can be created in either clear or opaque finishes. These can also be made into a range of anywhere from a thin film to several inches deep.
  • Food processing benefits from extruded clear plastic films. While you may think that clear plastic films are molded, they are best created using the plastic extrusion process. Used to seal food products and protect them from contamination, you can be sure that extrusions have revolutionized how food products are packaged. From restaurant and commercial processing grades of thin films all the way to blister packaging, food processing has benefitted from the recent developments in the way that plastic films are created.
  • Bottles and jars can be extruded. Plastic bottles and jars can now be manufactured using the extrusion process. These blow molded items take a small piece of heated plastic and are injected with compressed air to create the hollow shape. These can be used for food packaging and storage.

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