Today’s extrusion technology takes advantage of the highest level of hardware and software to ensure that specifications are met.  If there is an issue with the final extrusion product, then isolating the problem into either the hardware or software category is the next step.

Starting to examine the problem means that you need to have a complete understanding of how extrusions work in order to figure out the problem.  You will more quickly solve the issue if you have a working knowledge of what happens during an extrusion and where software and hardware can break down.

When there is an issue with hardware or software, the result is that there are issues with the final product.  These can be a small as a tiny tolerance that hasn’t been met, or as large as a full-blown failure of the process.

The most common of the issues in an extrusion process is an issue with the actual hardware and machinery that is creating the extrusion.  From a screw that is not turning at the correct rate to heating elements that are not creating the right amount of heat to melt the plastic, hardware issues can have a dramatic effect on whether or not your extrusion meets the final specifications.   Other issues, such as a breakdown with a drive motor or the conveyor can take longer to fix.

Software issues also a possibility if you are having problems with your extrusion process.  Today’s technology controls many of the extrusion processes, including the amount of heat applied to the plastic, the screw RPM and the pressure that the plastic is under when it enters the screen and extrusion areas.  These issues can be resolved by the provider of your extrusion technology.

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