When you are ready to explore having an extrusion completed for your business, you need to select your provider carefully. Having access to the right company can make your extrusion project simple and easy and give you the results that you need.  Here are just a few things to consider when you are trying to choose the best company for your next extrusion project.

The first question to ask yourself is about how you were received.  Customer service starts with the first contact that you have made with the company.  Did they answer the phone in a professional manner?  Answer your email promptly?  If an extrusion company doesn’t offer good customer service when you are a prospective customer, they many not offer good customer service when you are an actual customer.

Another area to evaluate is their usage of technology.  While the process of extrusion is fairly simple, there are technologies that can ensure that your product is created with the tightest tolerances in the shortest amount of time. This can greatly impact the cost of your product.  Knowing that the company you have chosen has a high level of technology means that your parts will be right the first time.  Outdated technology and hardware can spell disaster for your project.

Take time to investigate the raw materials that the company has on hand at any given time. Companies that have a good deal of raw materials will give you the benefit of being able to produce your product with materials that you can view before production begins.  Having access to a wide variety of materials can also offer you more options with your product that may affect processing time as well as the final cost.

The final step is to ask about rapid prototyping and short runs.  These services can be invaluable if you need to test a new product and don’t want to pay for a long run until you are sure the product design is correct.

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