If you are considering a new project that includes a plastic extruded part, then you may be wondering if there are ways to add details and function to each and every part. Advances in extrusion technology have taken innovation to the next level with new details available for extrusion projects. Here are just a few ways that new innovative details for extrusion projects can give you great results.

In the past, getting clear pieces for projects was problematic. With some of the newest technological and material advances, these once difficult pieces to manufacture can now be created with ease. Selecting a material such as a clear PVC as a raw material will lead to parts that are almost completely transparent with a good level of economy. For projects that need a completely clear result, polycarbonate materials or PETC can be used.

Another area where you can add innovative details to your project is in the level of detail. While it used to be that getting distinct detailing on an extrusion was nearly impossible, today’s technology has made it much easier. From openings and grooves to areas where the extrusion can attach or snap into another material, these design features are now much easier to incorporate than any other time in the past. Internal details, such as areas that are expanded or hollowed out are also much easier to add to your project and can be manufactured in a streamlined process that will save time.

Tolerances are another area where plastics engineers have also become quite innovative. Where achieving tight tolerances in the past was very difficult, new technology and advancements means that most tolerances can be kept to within three millimeters. The ability of the extrusion to meet these requirements is due to advances in cooling technology and cutting. If you need a closer tolerance than three millimeters, then consider changing materials or discussing the overall design with the engineering staff to ensure that your project can be completed in a way that will match your budget and your timeline.

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