Getting great plastic extrusions means having a thorough understanding of what can happen to cause issues during the process itself. When you know the ins and outs of isolating issues, it can save you and your team time and frustration in solving plastic extrusion issues.

Generally speaking, there are two types of issues that happen during the plastic extrusion process, those having to do with hardware and those having to do with software. Either of these areas can result in a final product that simply doesn’t meet the specs that have been ordered.

Hardware issues can be common on a production line. These can include issues with the actual mechanical parts of the extruding process. If the die is not manufactured or seated correctly, there can be issues with the final product. The same thinking goes for a screw that isn’t pushing plastic product onto the line at the rate expected. Catastrophic hardware issues with a line include a drive motor malfunction or breakdown or issues with the conveyor itself. These can cause the entire process to shut down.

Software issues are the most common and are ones that are easily controllable. These can include how quickly the screw is turning (commonly called screw RPM), the temperature that the plastic is being heated through the barrel and the temperature or pressure that the screw is offering. The best place to start in isolating issues is to ensure that these controllable items are set correctly and to the original operating requirements set by the project.

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