Finding the right part for your construction project can mean the difference between spending a few minutes on an installation or repair; or hours. Not only can it be frustrating to have to try to use the wrong part, but it can lead to failures down the line; doing damage to a project that you are responsible for. Here are just a few ways that you can leverage plastic channels in construction projects to ensure great performance and easy installation:

  • Choose the right channel for your application. There are plastic extrusions available for both indoor and outdoor use. J-channel can be used for indoor use and are frequently seen in appliance installations and repairs. They can also be used for indoor installation of¬†windows and doors.
  • Extrusions can be created in a wide variety of shapes. From j-channels to other shapes, such as a u-channel or an h-channel, there are many options that will work for construction projects. Custom shapes can also be created if you have a specific need for your application.
  • It is common to see plastic channels used outdoors. Plastic channels can be used in outdoor applications that include insulation, in lighting to prevent water from leaking into the electrical area of an LED light and to prevent issues with damage to corners. Plastic channels are frequently used by drywallers to finish corners and edges before they are covered with mud and then painted.
  • Extrusions are so common in construction that you may not even realize what you are using! In fact, some of the most popular gutter and siding types are created using the extrusion process. Despite their size, these large parts are actually a product of the same manufacturing process that creates insulation parts for windows and doors.

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