Having a final product after extrusion that will work for your unique design has more to do with understanding your how tight your specifications are than anything else. Knowing your specifications and how alterations will affect the final design is critical when it is time to implement your design. Here are a few considerations that can make all the difference when you take your design to the manufacturing level:

  • Understand your specifications. Before you approach the manufacturing process, ensure that you know the areas that need to have the closest attention in your design. Whether you anticipate your extrusion will see a high level of UV rays, extreme temperatures or need to retain flexibility, all of these criteria can affect your specifications.
  • Specifications can challenge your budget. If your particular extrusion relies on specifications that are very, very tight, you may see an increase of the cost in production. Ensuring that your design meets all of your needs may mean an overrun, more design work or even different materials.
  • Specifications can be altered depending on the manufacturing process. If your project doesn’t require tight tolerances, then you may have more options for processing that decrease the cost.
  • Details can add cost. If your design specifies quite a few details, then you can be sure that it may require additional engineering as well as more attention during the manufacturing process. Simplified designs will save you in cost and in length of processing time.
  • Adding in a cooling component can increase the odds that your specifications will be met. In the extrusion process, when materials are cooled quickly, there is a more uniform measurement of the final parts. For extrusion projects that require the tightest tolerances, adding a cooling process can make all the difference in meeting specifications.

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