Some of the most exciting extrusion work being done today is in the field of three dimensional printing. This form of plastic extrusion is helpful in creating everything from small parts needed for short-run manufacturing, to prototyping of new plastic parts and creative projects such as musical instruments. Some of the newest technology is now using a double extrusion system to eliminate printing marks and imperfections now common on three dimensional objects. Here are just a few uses and innovations in this new extrusion technology:

• The newest three dimensional printers use a variety of plastic materials. By using ABS or PLA materials, small parts can be created easily using this new technology.

• Most three dimensional printers offer small printing sizes. Three dimensional plastic renderings are generally being done for small items. Most printers that use this extrusion technology have the ability to produce items that are 18cm by 18cm.

• Rotating nozzles are projected to end the printing marks left by standard, fixed nozzle systems. Currently, fixed nozzles commonly leave marks on the finished plastic items, which may make them unusable. The new rotating nozzles, currently in the testing phase, have been shown to eliminate this issue, offering undamaged finished projects.

• Nozzles placed close together maximize printing volumes and space. With the new design, the rotating heads are placed close together which provides more room for printing and space within the extrusion system itself.

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