The fall can be a tough time for farmers, those that own orchards and homeowners as they attempt to protect their trees against the damage done from bucks that are marking their territory. To let other deer know that they are in the area, they rub their bony antlers on tree trunks, up to four feet off of the ground, to take the summer velvet off.

A new plastic extruded product may assist people who are trying to protect their trees from damage this fall. Created by Jim Saunders, a Pennsylvania farmer, his new Tree Armor product allows tree trunks to be protected during the fall mating season. This plastic extruded product was created with spring-loaded plastic characteristics, which makes it tight against the tree trunk and yet allows for future tree growth. The production process features small holes in the Tree Armor, which are designed to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and other organisms.

Unlike other plastic extruded tree protection systems, this product is manufactured in a brown color which is nearly invisible against a natural landscape. Additionally, unlike other plastic tree guards, this product does not leave any area that is open to deer antlers and no gaps. Manufactured using a specialized process, this new extruded product has seen a wide acceptance and a great deal of sales in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan – all states with high levels of deer population that can now benefit from Tree Armor.

Using streamlined process, the pieces are now being extruded in small batches to meet growing demand. With new manufacturing specifications, the plastic parts are of high quality and are meeting the customer’s needs in the Midwest and Northeast. Saunders is looking forward to increases in sales over the long term with his simple plastic tree solution.

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