Plastic extruded tubes are receiving a great deal of attention for their ability to save the lives and limbs of our country’s bravest soldiers. A new extruded tube device created by researcher Matthew Becker, a professor at the University of Akron, has been designed to help the healing of femurs.

This tube is shaped the same as a toilet paper roll and is degradable. While it is hollow, it is made from an amino acid-based polyester urea that is implanted in the leg. The rigidity of the tube allows new femur bone to grow around it instead of military doctors being forced to amputate badly damaged legs. This is another medical development that can help soldiers who have been affected by IEDs.

While there have been some questions about the ability of a degradable plastic extruded tube in repairing femurs, there is some positive research attached to the development of this medical device. This type of tubing could also be used to deliver the controlled release of medicine and medications as well as being used as replacement and repair products in orthopedic departments.

The plastic medical tubing that can stabilize leg bones is currently in the development stage and is being considered as an option for the FDA’s pre-submission process. Regardless, the military is eager for this type of device to be developed to assist in the healing of soldiers in field hospitals.

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