If you have ever wondered how trim pieces are designed to fit perfectly within cars, windows and other applications, then you are seeing how plastic channels have revolutionized the way that these profiles can be used. Here are just a few examples of how these channels can be used and how they are produced:

  • Channels can direct the flow of liquids either to or away from an area. Plastic extruded profiles can be used to attach two areas together as well as hold pieces in place and prevent liquid from entering an area.
  • They can be used in a variety of applications. Plastic channels can be used in a wide variety of construction areas. You may see plastic profiles in areas such as trim for doors and windows, insulators for wiring or windows, sealants to prevent water from coming in the home or even in gutter systems. These versatile profiles can also be used as connectors to keep parts in place.
  • Extruded plastic profiles can come in a wide range of shapes. With the needs of the construction industry, plastic profiles have been designed to include everything from the most commonly used j-channels to h-channels and u-channels. Custom shaped channels are usually reserved for applications such as window insulation, which can require areas that can provide insulation from heat and sound sources.
  • Plastic profiles can also be used in exterior work. In addition to interior applications, plastic extruded profiles can be used in other areas of construction, including outdoor siding, trim for exterior surfaces, u-channel designs that work as gutters and exterior bumpers.

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