Advances in medical technology mean that more and more plastic parts are needed in order to complete today’s advanced life saving operations and procedures. Plastic extrusion technology is one of the ways that physicians and researchers are able to complete the complex procedures and testing that can save lives.

Tubing of many kinds plays a distinct role in ensuring patient health. From the child that gets sick and needs an IV to deliver fluids that will take care of dehydration to the patient that needs to have blood work done, these plastic extrusions are a critical part of healthcare today. These parts are not just seeing use in the Emergency Department. In fact, many individuals who have chronic conditions use plastic extruded parts on a daily basis to ensure that their health status stays steady and in check. These parts may include catheters as well as those used for diabetes management.

In critical care situations, plastic extrusions are used to help save lives. From renal and gastric balloons to angiographic catheters that are used by the cardiology lab, these tubes can help to open up closed arteries and veins as well as be used in diagnostic situations where delivering contrast dye to a specific area is critical.   Surgeons use extruded plastic tubing regularly as part of endoscopic procedures, which can range from removing a gallbladder or appendix or even procedures that remove fibroid tumors.

With the need for these plastic extrusions, the technology has grown quickly. Materials such as PEBAX, PVC, PEEK, polyurethanes, polycarbonate and other thermoplastic materials can be used to create tubing with tight tolerances that will withstand the specific needs of the medical industry. Many manufacturers are now using lasers during the extrusion process to ensure the highest level of quality and provide a constant stream of data that can be used to assure buyers that they are receiving the sizes they need. With these changes in technology, extrusion engineers are able to provide the highest quality surgical tubing that is created with the most rigid tolerances.

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