Plastic profiles and extrusions have become very commonplace in today’s business and consumer marketplace. From IV tubes that are used every single day in healthcare settings to PVC piping that construction managers rely upon to finish their projects, extrusions have developed into a well-known option for both homeowners and professionals in their fields.

Thermoplastic piping, which is made from plastics that are heated and then extruded into a specific shape through a die, are common in industry. Chemical plants as well as gas and oil operations use a great deal of PVC type piping in order to move chemicals, liquids and gases from one area to another without contaminating the surrounding environment. Having access to this commercial grade plastic extrusion in the form of extruded tubes makes many operations possible, not to mention safe for the workers involved and the communities they work near.

Drainage is another area where extruded pipe has made a big impact. From agricultural applications to pipes used to keep professional football fields managed by the NFL in a dry and safe playing condition, PVC piping helps to prevent water damage. Agricultural operations can even use piping to deliver water and feed to livestock and to move milk to a processing area from the milking station.   Professional sports fields need adequate drainage in order to keep the fields available for play. PVC piping makes this level of drainage possible.

Commercial baking operations benefit from PVC piping and tubes created from plastic extrusions. As ingredients need to be moved to a particular area for mixing, many manufacturers use plastic piping to do so. Plastics can be kept clean and sanitary and are also lightweight so that delivery of foods or liquids can be handled without strain on other equipment.

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