Polymer extrusions, plastic extrusions. . . there are so many terms that are used in the plastic manufacturing field. If you have ever wondered about polymer extrusions, what they are and how they are processed, then here are a few quick facts that you will be happy to have when it comes to polymer extrusions.

Polymers occur in nature. While you may think of polymers as something that was created by man, they are, in fact, a naturally occurring resource. Polymers are even present in the human body as a key component of our anatomy as they are a combination of proteins and nucleic acids.

Polymer extrusions can be used for many commercial and household applications. From weather stripping used on a home’s front door or garage door to plastic and rubber tubing that is used in medical facilities, polymer extrusions enjoy a wide range of accepted uses and applications throughout the market.

The easiest way to shape a polymer is through an extrusion. The extrusion process, where a material is heated and then formed to a particular shape by pushing it through a metal die, is one of the best ways to shape polymer materials. With the flexibility, polymers react well to the heating and shaping process.

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