Starting a new extrusion project can be a daunting challenge. With many variables, including design, materials and specifications, working to prevent problems before they happen is a wise endeavor. Understanding more about extrusions will help you to know whether or not your new project is designed to have a streamlined production cycle or whether you should anticipate problems.

When you are working on your extrusion design, ensure that it isn’t too complicated. Most frequently, when there are issues with extrusions it is because the initial design has too many variables that can’t be produced with the extrusion process. Spend time streamlining your extrusion and you will see that you will limit the amount of problems that you will see during the project.

Extrusion designs that feature hollowed out areas can also be an area where you may see problems. Due to the fact that a hollow has no way to be supported during the process, you may see some errors in your final product. To avoid this, limit your design to a single bore hole if possible.

Keep your specifications in check. Tolerances that are less than 3 millimeters can be a challenge for the extrusion process. Heating and cooling plastic can change the sizing in a way that can’t always be regulated.

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