More and more companies are concerned with the environmental effects of not only their manufacturing process, but their products. They are questioning whether their products can be recycled and reused after their initial lifespan has elapsed. For that reason, many plastic extrusion companies are now recommending PVC for flexible channel and extruding plastics into other products since it is considered a “green” option.

PVC is ideal for extruded plastic profiles and can be used for items such as window frames and other construction materials that require a plastic profile. Other commonly used PVC products include cladding, cable ducts, shower seals and window profiles. In addition to their use in the construction industry, PVC is also used in display shelves, door tracks, glazing trims and refrigerator guards. This is the reason that understanding how to recycle PVC has become so critical for manufacturers. Just the vast amount of it present in our everyday life means that recycling can save tons and tons every single year.

With PVC being so commonly used, there is a need to ensure that these extruded plastic profiles can be recycled and reused. Over the last few years, there have been a lot of improvements in how custom plastic extrusions are handled after their initial use period has concluded. With the help of additive producers, additive converters, manufacturers as well as those who specialize in resins, the industry has worked toward coming up with ways that PVC can be quickly recycled and reused. Now, with the cooperation of many companies and universities in the plastics industry, literally millions of tons of plastic extrusions and PVC products have been recycled into new plastic products. This is because PVC can be easily chipped and reheated, which allows it to be used again and again.

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