There is always a focus on conservation when talking about plastic materials.  For years scientists have been looking for any possibility they could find to reduce the potential negative environmental impact of plastics on our world.  Great strides have been made in the fight as great minds look for ways to make plastics more green.

New technology is allowing more and more recycled plastic materials to be used in new extruded products. Recent innovations have made manufacturing new products in expanded categories possible. Here are just a few ways that recycled plastics are now being utilized in manufacturing today:

• Window parts. New technology is now allowing plastic extrusion manufacturers to create vinyl windows and parts by using recycled PVC. These parts include an outer layer of new PVC bonded to an inner profile of recycled materials. This new innovation in window parts means that vinyl windows being removed or replaced from a home or commercial site can be recycled into new window components, decreasing the use of virgin PVC.

• Easier drying processes. Processes are now available to take recycled bottle flake made of polypropylene and dry it in one process, rather than having to turn the plastic flakes into pellets before they are ready for an extrusion process. This saves time and labor in the manufacturing process and makes is easier to utilize the bottle flake available on the market.

• Calcium carbonate can decrease costs. New research has indicated that adding calcium carbonate at the feedthroat of the extrusion process can decrease costs dramatically. By using a twin-screw feeder and a stirring unit, the amount of vinyl resin and additives can be decreased dramatically. While there is an investment in new machinery, the investment can pay off in the long term.

• Twin screw upcycling means more than park benches can be manufactured. With a twin screw feeder and new drying technology, the applications are nearly endless and include needed parts such as pipes.

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