Knowing what you can achieve in an extrusion can be critical in developing your die design.  While plastic extrusion can be achieved in many cases, trying to form certain shapes can be problematic.  There are things that are best to avoid in die design.  Here are just a few examples of what can derail your next project and cause you to have to spend more time than you would like before receiving the final product:

  • Excessive hollows. When you are looking at the needs of your extrusion project, check for excessive hollow areas.  These can cause issues with the strength of the final product and can be challenging to develop using a die system.  Hollows may require additional processing or more than one type of shaping in order to achieve the desired shape.
  • Openings can be challenging. The extrusion process is designed to be run by using the flow of heated plastic.  Trying to add holes to the final product, such as punctures in a hose shaped product, may not be able to be achieved easily.  Many times, adding openings to an extruded product is best completed using a drilling option after the plastic has cooled.
  • Bubbled areas with no support. Areas that have no support in the design can be problematic.  Carving out these areas using a die with nothing for the plastic to be forced against can create difficulties.  Instead, consider designs that are more straightforward.

Considering a new design that will require extrusion can be challenging if the limits of the process aren’t taken into account.  Let the experts at Extrudex provide you with advice and assistance in helping you develop your next product.  Call us now for a complementary assessment of your project.

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