Just like any industry, plastic extrusion technology changes and grows on an almost daily basis. Each new development in plastic technology creates a situation where both business owners and consumers benefit with new developments that make life and business easier. Curious what changes have been happening? Try out these new extruded plastic parts.

  • Healthcare has seen a lot of changes. The healthcare industry uses extruded plastics frequently. Think about it – nearly any time you are at the doctor’s office or the hospital, you run into extruded products. From the tubing on your doctor’s blood pressure cuff to the IV line that delivers fluids and medication, extrusions take center stage in medical treatment and diagnosis. Some of the newest plastic products include tubing in a wide range of sizes and materials. These can help to deliver medication to the smallest of newborns as well as prevent chemical reactions with prescriptions that need to be delivered to a patient.
  • Water management is becoming easier. Extrusions used to be limited by the size of the tube that could be manufactured, making it difficult to create water management piping, such as the kind that would be used for sewers or drainage. New technology now allows this piping to be created easily. Both smooth and corrugated versions are available and can be used by local builders as well as municipal construction managers who need to manage rainwater runoff and drainage.
  • Electrical insulation has improved. With the newest technology applied to the electrical industry, new insulated extrusions can be used to protect sensitive wiring. These insulated tubes will protect structures, electrical usage and individuals from getting hurt during use. Consumer use has also surged, with so many of our daily devices requiring charging cables that are properly insulated.

As you can see, there are many new developments in the plastic extrusion industry that has made an impact on the daily life of both business organizations as well as consumers. From healthcare to water management and charging cables, each one of us benefits from the continued technological developments in the extrusion industry. For more information, please contact Extrudex today! We would be happy to talk to you about your next extrusion project.

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