All of the technological developments in the extrusion and plastics industries can make keeping up a real challenge.  If you are considering using extruded products to help in the manufacturing of parts for the automotive, home improvement, medical or aerospace industry, then knowing more about how extrusions are completed will assist you in making good decisions about what processes and materials to use.  Here are just a few things to know about the extrusion process:

  • While many advances have been made, the process to complete an extrusion is quite standard. The basic operation of an extrusion line does not differ too much no matter what industry you are working in or what material you choose to use.  This is good news in that once you understand how extrusions work, you can apply that knowledge to nearly any extrusion.
  • It all starts with plastic in a bin. The plastic extrusion process starts with the placement of plastic materials, usually in a beaded form, in a bin that is placed at the beginning of an extrusion line.  These raw materials are the ones that will eventually become the final extrusion.
  • Heat and pressure are the next stop. As the plastic material is pushed down the line, heat and pressure are used to form the plastic into the desired shape.   Warmed plastic is pressed through a die, which offers the correct form to the final plastic product.
  • Changes can happen in speed and heat. While the basic process is nearly almost always the same, there can be alterations in output speed and the heat that is applied to the product.

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