The newest technologies for plastic extrusions have allowed the parts to develop into much more than just channel parts that are used for windows and doors. In fact, plastic extrusions are now considered an adaptive technology that is used for a wide range of commercial applications. Take a look at the breadth of ways that plastic extrusions are used in today’s industries:

    • Extrusions used for home products. There are so many products that take advantage of plastic extrusions in the home. From picture frames to curtain rods and parts for decorative flowers sold in local craft stores, extrusions are taking a prominent role in helping materials get to market.
    • Household appliances. There are a wide variety of household appliances that use plastic extrusions. These include everything from the j-channel that helps to keep cold air in a refrigerator to PVC channels that are used on stove and dryer doors. There are even extrusions that are used to decrease noise and vibration.
    • Commercial displays. Displays that are used in retail stores now use extrusions to cover metal parts. In fact, even the plastic channel that is used to show pricing is an extruded product. Parts used as bumpers and shelves for display cases can also be created from extruded products.
    • Shipment packaging and storage for food. Thinly extruded plastic films are now offered to food processing companies to allow for safe packaging and shipment of food products. These extrusions protect the food from spoilage and issues with bacteria.

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