If you are considering a new plastic extrusion design, then choosing the material carefully can make all of the difference in how successful your product is once it is manufactured. This is especially true for plastic extrusions that need to retain their flexibility over time. Choosing the right material for flexible extrusions can be challenging, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There are two types of custom plastic extrusions. The two categories are thermoplastics, such as materials like a flexible PVC or thermosets, which represent synthetic rubber products.
  • These types of plastic profiles can look strikingly similar. With a quick glance, you might be surprised how much thermoplastics and thermosets look exactly the same. Don’t be fooled, though. These two materials have properties that are very different, so choosing which one to use can be critical during the material selection stage.
  • Thermosets include a wide variety of materials. Materials such as EPDM, nitrile and SBR are just a few examples of synthetic rubber than can be used when extruding plastic. One thing to remember about these products is that they cannot be softened after processing, though they do remain flexible at very cold temperatures. This makes them ideal for flexible channels.
  • Thermoplastics can be used for extruded plastic profiles where environmental recycling is being considered. These flexible PVCs can be ground up after use to be made into new plastic products. Additionally, during the extrusion process, no vulcanizing is needed, so the cost can be much less.

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