If you are looking for a company that has expertise in extruding polycarbonate tubes and other thermoplastics, then Extrudex might be one of the best options for you in getting your product manufactured.  Here are just a few things that set Extrudex apart when you are looking for extrusion manufacturing:

  • Extrudex has a good selection of materials that are always available. When you have access to materials, you have the ability to get the performance that you need.  We offer materials on site that will give you the option to choose exactly the right characteristics for your end product.  These materials include polycarbonates, nylon products, urethanes and PRV (both rigid and flexible).
  • We have experience in a wide variety of industries. We have created thermoplastic extrusions for the automotive industry, construction materials, appliance parts, electrical parts and P.O.P. industry.
  • Colors and clear can be accommodated. We understand that some products need to be manufactured in specific colors or in clear finishes.  With varieties of materials in stock, we can work with you to give you the color or transparent options that you need for your final product.
  • We honor your timeline, budget and specs. As an extrusion company, we know that you have a specific timeline, budget and specifications that need to be honored.  We will work with you to make sure that the product is delivered the way that you need it.  Our focus on client satisfaction means that you will get the product that you need when you need it.  Our team is trained to work with you to ensure that your product is available when you need it.

Get the products that you need when you need them through Extrudex. Call our team of professional extrusion engineers today to discuss your project and how we can help.

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