Innovations have proven that there are very few boundaries when creating products with plastic extrusions and profiles. The technology is extremely versatile and offers manufacturers flexibility as well as a cost-effective, efficient solution for those needing parts for projects.

Tubes and tube-like shapes are one of the most commonly created using plastic extrusion processes. One of the most commonly created products is PVC pipe. This thermoplastic piping can be used for a wide variety of large-size applications, such as sewer pipes. These pipes are appropriate for both residential construction and the resolution of drainage issues in areas such as parking lots and fields. It is possible for these profile extrusions to have diameters of up to several feet.

Another application for plastic piping manufactured through the extrusion process is in industrial use. Since there are so many materials available that can be made into plastic piping, these extruded tubes can be used to move materials that need a non-reactive surface. In fact, many manufacturing businesses use these plastic profiles to carry both liquids and gases throughout the industrial site, whether these include fuel, food materials used in commercial food manufacturing and baking, or in the metal pretreatment business.

Hollow tubing is also widely used in the manufacturing of vehicles and small equipment. From the lawn mower that needs gasoline moved to the engine to a large tractor trailer that requires the delivery of brake fluid to the local snow plow operator who needs durable hoses to maintain hydraulic pressure, extruded tubes is the best way to get the job done. Created from a wide variety of materials, these hoses and delivery systems can be custom designed with reinforced junctions as well as specialized materials.

Medical professionals also rely heavily on extruded tubes. From IV lines to catheters, chest tubes and angioplasty equipment, having access to a wide variety of tube sizes saves lives. Extruded tubes are also used in ventilation equipment and in the endoscopy equipment that is utilized by so many surgeons.

It is easy to see why plastic extrusions are such an important part of everyday life. With the newest developments in technology, nearly every industry including construction, manufacturing, food processing and health care, takes advantage of parts that are created using the plastic profiling option. Call Extrudex today for expert assistance!

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