Bright light bulb

With the prevalence of LED lighting in residential and commercial applications, having parts that can make installation easy has become a high priority.

The extrusion profiles used for lighting installations offer ease to electricians and landscapers who use these products on a daily basis. Here are just a few things to know about extrusion profiles in LED lighting:

  • Mounting tracks are commonly manufactured using extrusion profiles. These extrusions can be shaped in ways that match the installation requirements, including gaps for space for power supplies and parts.
  • Surface mount extrusions are ideal for outdoor use. Mounting tracks can be easily screwed into outdoor surfaces to allow for LED bulbs, power supplies, and wiring to be installed. Some of these extrusions can even be waterproof, which means they will withstand a wide variety of weather situations without being compromised by moisture or temperature changes.
  • Recessed extrusions for LED parts can be used for furniture. From display cabinets in a home to decorative lighting used in restaurants, recessed extrusions can be added to grooves in the furniture so that the final installation is hidden. This can be ideal for decorative lighting applications where seeing the equipment would take away from the effect.
  • Extrusions can accommodate power supplies and step lighting. Some of the newest LED extrusions come complete with space that can conceal power supplies and that can be installed on the edge of steps for safety.

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