3D printer

Extrusion technology is an important part of the 3D printing technology that is becoming so popular today.

Consumers can now purchase a 3D printer and can have fun creating their own multi-dimensional project, but this technology is also being used widely in the manufacturing industry to build parts and products. All 3D technology includes an extrusion element that removes the filament from the coil and then creates the layers of the final product.

Three-dimensional extruders include many parts. The thermistor is an internal thermometer that ensures that the materials are being delivered to the extruder at the correct temperature, as required by the printer control system. The stepper motor takes the filament, which is the base material for the 3D output and pushes the material directly into the nozzle.  This is much like the screw technology that is used in industrial applications.

Once the filament has been sent to the nozzle, the drive gear pushes the material through the extrusion portion of the printer. The actual job of the drive gear is to use traction to assist in moving the material in concert with the stepper motor. In the case where the material is difficult to manage, a reduction gear might be used. The reduction gear, which is added to the motor axis, adds even more traction to the motor, which gives it the power to push the material through the extruder.

When the material is heated and is moving, it hits the nozzle. The nozzle can range from a simple shape or may have a shape that is more complex, depending on the final output that is required. These are generally quite small and can be no more than 0.4 mm in opening.

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