empty water bottles

The automotive industry is now getting some of the most well-used parts from a new technology that allows plastic bottles to be recycled into a variety of engine parts.

Water bottles are now being collected by General Motors at several of their facilities and being turned into engine parts and for other uses. Here are just a few benefits and applications of the program:

  • Employees offer their water bottles as feed for the program. Water bottles are now being collected at five GM locations in Michigan and those bottles are being transported to several facilities that can take the bottles and recycle them from PET flake into resin.
  • The materials are now being used in automotive parts. The recycled plastic from the five GM plants is now being used in a variety of different engine parts. These include engine insulation that is currently being used in the Chevrolet Equinox V6 engine build, to decrease overall engine noise and make the passenger compartment quieter.
  • The plastic has also been used to create cleaner air at the GM factories where the bottles have been collected. Air filtration fleece, used at almost a dozen GM facilities, is made from the resin that has been collected through the water bottle program.  This filter helps to ensure a high level of air quality for employees.
  • The resin is helping the homeless. The resin that is being developed is also being used to make sleeping bags for the homeless.  This product can also be used as coat insulation and is being led by a company called The Empowerment Plan.
  • Water bottles are being recycled from Flint. Flint residents who are dependent on bottled water are now donating their plastics to the project.

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