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If you are looking for a manufacturer to bring your plastic extrusion design to life, then you have a lot to consider.

From their track record to their commitment to customers and access to materials, there can be a lot to think through before signing a contract. Here are just a few reasons that we believe you should choose Extrudex:

We offer high tech solutions. The team at Extrudex is known for always looking at new technology and how to integrate it into our business. From complex die designs to additional heating and cooling implements on our extrusion lines, you can be sure that we are always working to help you to get the most innovative solution to your project.

We are experienced. Extrudex has been in the plastic extrusion business for years. We have been able to successfully work with many clients and enjoy long term partnerships that have been developed as a result of the quality of our work. No matter what type of extrusion you need, we will be able to offer a solution that will satisfy your requirements.

We have access to a wide range of materials. Unlike other companies that only work with a small sampling of polymers and thermoplastics, the experts at our company have access to a wide range of materials. What this means to you is that there are more options than you may expect for your next project or process. From additional strength to UV resistance, we can help you choose materials that make sense.

We work in a variety of industries. From the construction and home improvement industry to the automotive business, Extrudex has worked extensively in many areas of industry.

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